Dream diary: Missing cat

In this particular dream I was with my best friend and another male friend whose identity eluded me during the dream. We were at some sort of outdoor goings on, like a festival. There were a lot of large tents and people milling about. The weather report said that a blizzard was on it’s way so we decided to gather our things and head home. I picked up my cat and we go inside a large tent. There is some sort of yoga or spirituality lecture ending and people are getting up to chatt with one another. I put my cat in the small dog kennel that I use as a carrier and start packing my bag. (Can I just add that I really hate dreams about packing bags!) We get caught up in some conversations. Finally, male friend says we really need to get going. It’s starting to snow. I pick up my bag and carrier before I notice I forgot my hoodie on a bench. I set my things down and rush to my sweatshirt. My friends are waiting for me by the tent flap. I go back to my things, but the Spiritual yoga teacher lady had let my cat out. She said some spacey bullshit that ‘god’s creatures don’t like to be confined’. I start yelling. ‘He has the biggest cat carrier I’ve ever seen! Where did he go?’ She says something else about releasing him into his natural state and I just flip out. Yelling things like ‘He’s already traumatized from surviving on the streets of Minneapolis and kitty jail! He doesn’t like stepping foot out of the house!’ I was to panicked and agitated about my missing cat that I woke up.


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