Dream diary: Utter madness


This dream had so many different characters from television that I have absolutely no idea what really happened or even how it started. I was a bit hesitant to even post it, but it’s sorta funny.

The first thing I can remember is being at a large mansion. It belonged to Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty). I was responsible for taking a holiday photo of her family. They were posing on a marble staircase. There were like ten or twelve of them. Afterwards I wandered outside, down the white gravel driveway and out the front gate.

Suddenly, I was trying to escape something and started running. The scenery changed and I was now in an underground canal. This is when things got really weird. There were a lot of people down here in little boats, rafts and swimming. I was trying to make my way down the canal and not get wet when Stephen Colbert decided I was not having enough fun. He started acting out silly skits about how teenagers act these days. Then the canal erupted into a giant game of water tag. Colbert took the moment of distraction to knock me in the water and my life jacket was not as buoyant as I would have liked.

There was a man in a giant, round, yellow costume who was ‘IT’. He was grabbing people and dunking them as he laughed sadistically. I was trying to swim away, when his eyes settled on me. Of course, Stephen Colbert was egging him on. What an asshole. I kicked at the foam yellow suit, but couldn’t get away. He grabbed my ankle and dragged me under. Then I woke up.


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