Dream diary: Panic


I was walking through a community of old houses. I had walked several blocks, when for some reason I had to go back the direction I came. The sun came out a little bit and as I passed the houses it seemed that most of them were under renovation. Some words were exchanged with my companions that it must be expensive and hopefully they are being respectful to the integrity of the original architecture.

Somehow or another I realized I was so excited about moving that I had forgotten about my dog’s grave. I saw some landscaping being torn up and I was instantly in a panic. I needed to get back to the old house and make sure he was okay. I started to run through the streets and tried to find my way back. I was crying and started having a panic attack. I could barely breathe as my chest constricted. Then I sort of realized I was dreaming and that in real life Dieter’s ashes are in my nightstand, but by that time I’m already full bore with the panic attack. I was simply trying to breath, but my heart felt like it was collapsing all over again. I finally woke up gasping for air. It took several minutes to recover. I’m not sure if having panic attacks while dreaming is really a thing or if this was some sort of apnea type incident. Either way it was frightening and with the dream content, also heartbreaking. Not a good way to start the day.


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