Dream diary: Big Brother

This dream took place in a totalitarian city in the not to distant future. So not super science fiction like, but definitely a lot of Big Brother presence. The first storyline had to deal with a set of twin men, but they were sort of estranged and didn’t discuss their lives with each other. One was a traveling salesman and a law abiding person. The other brother was an investigative reporter. He was in the process of piecing together a story connecting the rise of drug use and other escapism addictions with the disparity of the classes caused by the government. Well, the government didn’t like that, so they were going to shut the guy up. Unfortunately, they confused the reporter with his brother and grabbed the salesman off the street. They tortured him anyway and used his body for their science experiments. The reporter went into hiding.

The next storyline deals with a college age girl. She was suddenly arrested on campus and ordered to undergo a quarantine. The excuse the authorities gave her was that her cat was suspected of having whatever disease that was in the newspaper headlines. She was undergoing an examination when she was told that her cat had been euthanized and due to be cremated. The girl started to tear up a bit from the news. The nurse told the girl that they were almost done with her and she could go home. She instructed the girl to lay on her side and the nurse pushed the gurney up to the wall. The nurse asked if the girl would like the cat’s collar back. The girl said yes, and relaxed a little. Then the nurse hit a button and metal probes shot out from the wall. They attached to the girl’s spine and paralyzed her, but she was still alive. The gurney dropped through the floor and she was partially submerged in some watery preservative liquid. Immediately a team of surgeons started using remote controlled lasers started cutting out her eye. It was bloodless and dropped away into the liquid to be fished out and put in a jar. They simply chopped her up however they needed. The whole story about the cat being sick and quarantine was complete bullshit. She simply fit whatever parameters they needed and plucked her out of society.

The government also controlled the WiFi and communications systems, so the signals were very weak. Everyone had really old cellphones. Smart phones were not allowed. I had one, but I kept it hidden in case I ever got somewhere that I would have a strong enough signal to contact the outside world.

Of course, they couldn’t be a totalitarian government without an underground rebellion. I was in a public square and there were men whispering to each other as they passed. Then a scuffle broke out and gunshots. I saw an older man pull out a gun. We made eye contact and he held it for a few second before he shot me in the arm near the shoulder. The rebels grabbed me and shoved my wounded arm in a cast that also hid a gun I was supposed to smuggle to the other side of the city. Guards arrived and everyone tried to act normal as if there hadn’t been a ruckus. I just remember my arm hurt and the cast was really heavy. I couldn’t lift it when I was told to put my hands in the air by the police. Then rebels with me kept trying to explain that I had broken it recently and the doctor told me not to move it. That’s about when I woke up.



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