Dream diary: The movie

Last night I had a dream that was more like watching a movie that I couldn’t turn off. The storyline focused on a pair of siblings. A rebellious teenage girl and her younger child star brother. The brother’s income basically supported the family and the single mom completely doted on him, which made the daughter feel really left out, but she never held it against the brother. The mom dies suddenly and the daughter takes on the responsibility of taking care of her brother. The siblings bicker a lot, but the girl tries to start acting like an adult and assures the brother that they will be okay.

The plot skips to about fifteen years in the future. The sister has become the breadwinner after starting her career at the very bottom without much education. The brother, on the other hand, now in his twenties and no longer the cute child star has not really applied himself. He bums around his sister’s house and insists that the occasional indie film will be his next big break. Meanwhile, the sister is struggling with her past decision to give up her baby as a teenager. At the time, she didn’t want the baby girl due to the tumultuous relationship with her own mother and was already overwhelmed with caring for her brother. Now that her brother is an adult (although inadequate at adulting) she is starting to regret her decision and the sacrifices she made for him. They argue about it and he tells her that if she regrets it so much then she should try to track down her daughter who would now be a teenager. They end up locating her, but the sister still struggles with actually contacting the girl. I can’t really remember the ending, but I think the sister got a counselor job at the school and talks with the girl without telling her that she’s her mother.


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