Bike MS: Twin Cities


The fight against Multiple Sclerosis has been an important cause in my family since my uncle’s diagnosis. The MS walk became an annual family gathering. My sisters and I even participated in the occasional Muckfest for MS. I signed up for Bike MS: Twin Cities last November. I committed myself to doing it, because it not only gave me something to look forward to, but also was something to work towards.

This event was something I did on my own. I still had the support of my family behind me, but on race day I was solo. I had kept them updated as I trained for the 28-mile ride and fundraised. I was excited and nervous as I prepared for the ride. I remained motivated and reminded myself that this was something fun that benefited an important cause.

Maybe a little too motivated, because I was struck with the temptation to complete the 44-mile route when I reached the trail split. Thankfully, I stuck to my plan for the 28, because although I finished with a little gas left, I still ailed from fatigue and dehydration. Next year, my goal will be the long route and perhaps the year after that the big MS150. Who knows?

There were a lot of cycling teams at this ride. It made the absence of my relatives prominent when I reached the finish line. I doubt I could get the rest of my family to physically participate, but they were definitely missed on race day.


2 thoughts on “Bike MS: Twin Cities

  1. Well for starters…I would need to get a bike… perhaps we could get a tandem bike and do it together….that way you can do the hard work and I can enjoy the scenery 😉 I will I am glad you did this, even if we weren’t there with you. I am very proud of you.


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