1614: vii

Aimée stared at the ceiling as the firelight danced across it. She lay on a makeshift pallet next to the hearth exhausted, but unable to sleep in a strange place. “Go to sleep, Mademoiselle,” Gilles murmured. He kept is voice low to prevent their hosts from eavesdropping. She glanced at him, as he slouched in … Continue reading 1614: vii


1614: vi

It was after dark when Gilles stopped at a country house and begged shelter. He didn’t want to risk staying at a public inn, not after being recognized in Brussels and especially not with a kidnapped girl. The rain had continued to fluctuate over the course of the day and had left them damp. The … Continue reading 1614: vi

1614: i

Gilles went through the motions of everyday monastic life. Simultaneously, he cursed the tediousness of purgatory and prayed that his authenticity as a Capuchin was never questioned. He was not a monk, nor had any interest in being one, but there were certain interested individuals seeking information about the political climate of Brussels and the … Continue reading 1614: i