A Bad Day

Things can seem to be okay when you’re dealing with the long term effects of grief, but bad days still happen. They sneak up on you unannounced, catch you when you aren’t looking. Mine started with the last dream before waking up. A dream about my dog, but it took place sometime in the future … Continue reading A Bad Day


1617: Gilles reaches Paris

“Where have you been?” the Bishop shouted as the doors opened to admit Gilles into his study. There were several other people waiting to be seen by the Bishop, but the Page was attempting to turn them away. “Have you witnessed what is going on out there?” The Bishop peered out the window, his back … Continue reading 1617: Gilles reaches Paris

Jealous of Cat

Sometimes I see the expression on my cat’s face as he lays on the shag rug and I am totally jealous. Like how can you feel that comfortable and at ease? I want to feel that. I want to yawn and roll over, squeeze my eyes shut and be content.

Caroline returns from Chicago, pt. 2

“So Chicago, huh?” he murmured. “Yes,” she breathed. “I’m never going back.” Her voice cracked as sudden, uncontrollable tears rose in her eyes. “…ever again!” Caroline started to sob. Frank had to relieve her hand of the coffee cup before she spilled. “I want to be at peace with Margot and she keeps…” Caroline paused … Continue reading Caroline returns from Chicago, pt. 2