1618-19: Winter ball (ix)

"But we have secrets in common, Mademoiselle," Gilles argued. He kept his voice low and steady. "I had to further our cause elsewhere and yes, you made it to Paris, but it wasn’t on your own." Aimée glared at him quickly and turned away again. "Our cause?" she chuckled. "What is that even?" "To serve … Continue reading 1618-19: Winter ball (ix)


1618-19: Winter ball (viii)

Aimée’s mind raced, her anger suddenly flared, there were a few choice things that she wanted to say to the Count. She tried to sort them out in her mind quickly, but the feelings of abandonment and neglect that welled up made her eyes sting. She bit her lip to force herself to remain composed … Continue reading 1618-19: Winter ball (viii)