Dream diary: Getting fired

As I was dreaming last night, the first thing I remember is standing in the warehouse at work. Another person, who was not my boss, but who has climbed a few rungs higher on the ladder than I am now, walked up to me and held out a white envelope.

“This is your last paycheck. We’re letting you go. You have fifteen minutes to get your things together and leave the property,” he said. He was just the messenger. He wasn’t angry and I could hear a little regret in his voice, but his hands were tied. The management had made up their mind, but were to cowardly to do it themselves. I took the envelope and was speechless. My world was rocked. I needed a reason for being sacked and I wasn’t going to get it. What did I do wrong? What do I do now?

I went to the locker room and started emptying my things into a box. My mind starts to remember something I left here or there in the mill. I also thought of all the people that I wanted to speak to before I left. There simply wasn’t enough time. I felt rushed and flustered. Scared. I’ve never been fired before. I don’t break the rules. I woke up from that dream feeling very disconcerted. I know I had other weird dreams following this one, but I spent more time lying awake dissecting this one than the others. Come morning the others have remained in that gray area between sleep and wakefulness and this is the only one that stayed with me.


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