1619: the Chapel: iii

“Surely, you must tell His Majesty as soon as possible,” Aimée replied with concern. The Duke nodded in agreement. “I will, but first I need to figure out how to control the situation before it gets out of hand. I have been here…” he gestured at the chapel around him, “Asking for guidance, but God … Continue reading 1619: the Chapel: iii


1619: the Chapel: ii

“You seem troubled, Monsieur le Duc,” Aimée said. His gaze fell on her again. “Yes…” he seemed to be appraising her sincerity. “Perhaps you could share your worries with Duchesse and relieve the burden of your mind,” she suggested. He looked inward and considered her words as he bit his lip. Very slowly, he began … Continue reading 1619: the Chapel: ii