Vacancy: viii

“Excuse me, ladies, can I have a word?” the detective asked before she ducked under the police crime scene tape. Ada pulled me to a stop.

“I’m Detective Warren. One of my officers thought he over heard that one of you has a vehicle parked in this lot?” The detective motioned to the badge on a lanyard around her neck. Ada jerked a thumb in my direction and I felt my cheeks flushing red in the summer heat.

“Er…yeah, that’s my car. The silver one,” I admitted. It was true, I couldn’t lie without looking suspicious.

“You were staying at the motel last night?” the woman flipped open her notepad.

“No,” I replied. The detective gave me a critical look. I clarified. “I woke up at home.”

“But you were at the motel last night?” she rephrased her question.

“I couldn’t say for sure. I had had a lot to drink. I must have gotten a ride or taxi home,” I said. I saw the detective minutely frown.

“Who were you here with?” Warren asked. I shook my head.

“Like I said, I had had a lot to drink. I really don’t remember anything. You know how it is.” I forced a laugh. Warren was not amused. She settled for taking down my basic details and contact information, then she handed me her card.

“In case you remember anything about last night,” she said. Detective Warren started to walk away.

“Wait! What about the car?” Ada called after her. Warren turned towards us and shrugged.

“You’ll have to wait until we clear the scene,” Warren said without concern.

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