16xx: Allegiance iv

The Queen turned her gaze back to Richelieu’s agent. He stood in the shadows with his one eye glaring straight back at her. The white handkerchief disappeared as it was tucked away in his dark clothing. He tipped his hat to her, turned with a flourish of his cloak and retreated further into the pergola … Continue reading 16xx: Allegiance iv


16xx: Allegiance iii

“What is the meaning of all this, ma cher?” Gilles asked. He held the handkerchief back out to her as an offering. “Take it, Monsieur, take it away with your affections,” Aimée snapped as she spun to retreat from the arbor shade. With sudden speed, Gilles came to life and snatched a handful of Aimée’s … Continue reading 16xx: Allegiance iii