Bastion: Top of the Elevator

The following is an excerpt from my manuscript 'Escape from Bastion'. Schroeder pulled out a set of binoculars and scanned the railyard. They waited. There was zero movement around the rail garage. The yard remained quiet. They continued to wait. Sharpe paced back and forth on the platform. Grant had made himself comfortable on the … Continue reading Bastion: Top of the Elevator


Bastion excerpt: In the Powerhouse

The following is an excerpt from one of my 'completed' manuscripts that I have been on the fence about being finished. It is loosely based on life at the Mill, except post-apocalyptic and with cannibals. Kennedy wasted time running around the property ‘looking’ for Grant and Schroeder. The railmen had already stormed the powerhouse and … Continue reading Bastion excerpt: In the Powerhouse