Reilly and Hollis #5

The thin paper towel barely absorbed the moisture on her face and she left the restroom still flicking away dewy drops. In the break room, the coffee pot was sputtering. Usually when a pot was brewing another detective was there watching every drip into the carafe, but the room was empty. Perhaps Daphne had started … Continue reading Reilly and Hollis #5


Reilly and Hollis #4

The toilet flushed and Daphne emerged to wash her hands. Reilly kept very still in her cubicle and held her breath as the water ran. The squeak of the faucet. Tap, tap, tap of the red patent heels. The rip of paper towel. The tentative pause. “Calliope, is that you?” Daphne asked. “Are you alright?” … Continue reading Reilly and Hollis #4