By the Ocean

“Where are you?” The words drifted over Micky and the realization that he was being addressed slowly settled on his brain. He pulled the cigarette from between his lips and watched the exhaled smoke be carried away by the wind gushing in from the ocean. He moved his gaze down and saw Delphia staring up … Continue reading By the Ocean


Caroline returns from Chicago, pt. 2

“So Chicago, huh?” he murmured. “Yes,” she breathed. “I’m never going back.” Her voice cracked as sudden, uncontrollable tears rose in her eyes. “…ever again!” Caroline started to sob. Frank had to relieve her hand of the coffee cup before she spilled. “I want to be at peace with Margot and she keeps…” Caroline paused … Continue reading Caroline returns from Chicago, pt. 2

A Threat

Spiegel and Holcomb stopped on the corner opposite of Tino’s. Holcomb had a distressed look on his face as he squinted at the small restaurant. “Relax, Holcomb, this is only reconnaissance. There’s no need to be nervous,” Spiegel said coolly. “I’m not, I’m not nervous,” Holcomb repeated as he tried to convince himself as well … Continue reading A Threat