Dream diary: Wedding reception

The last dream I had before my alarm went off involved a wedding reception. Of course, I have no idea who was supposed to be getting married in my dream, but it felt like maybe a relation I was not very close with or perhaps a friend of the family. I do remember that it … Continue reading Dream diary: Wedding reception


The Agent, part 2

Harding knew every inch of the manor house. It was from the days when servants bustled behind the scenes while disturbing the masters of the house as little as possible. The construction was solid and well updated for the safety of important international visitors. As she passed other agents standing watch in the hall of … Continue reading The Agent, part 2

Pillow talk

“Can I ask you something?” he asked suddenly. It broke the comfortable silence that had settled over them as they sprawled on the bed. She momentarily froze as she stared at the ceiling. Then she rolled over a feigned casual sleepiness by rubbing her eyes before meeting his clear, blue gaze. “What?” she said followed … Continue reading Pillow talk