The Ballroom: part 2

“So you run a farm? Is that what Caroline said?” Homer asked. “At one point, yes, I managed a farm. I didn’t do any of the actual farming, but I oversaw everything. All the uh, hired help…” Micky’s eyes darted to Delphia as if she had the answers to escape Homer’s questioning. Caroline shifted uneasily … Continue reading The Ballroom: part 2


The Ballroom: part 1

Delphia stared up at the ornate ceiling of the ballroom as Micky helped remove her wrap. He handed it to the coat check clerk and tucked the number in his pocket. He admired Delphia in her wide-eyed amazement. She was wearing the green beaded dress he had bought her for Sicero’s New Year’s Eve party. … Continue reading The Ballroom: part 1